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Dement Discursus

Lapis Philosophus

27 February
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I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and student.

I have a mystifyingly beautiful, wonderful, and intelligent women in my life.

I think love is the one and absolute panacea.

I feel connected to other people through my emotions.

I will be studying Anatomy, Physiology, and will obtain my AA to switch to a University, perhaps to study Physical Therapy.

I analyze my thoughts and intentions to better myself. As well as symbols, mythology, religion, and culture to find meaning.

I balance my negativity with the positive, and embrace the good with the bad.

I desire companionship, communication, open-heartedness, freedom, and freaky sex.

I see the beauty in my friends, family, the ones I love, and nature.

I use poetry as a medium to express my often confused and complicated thoughts.

I know in my heart there is great strength and potential to heal, and much more for me to experience and learn.

I believe we're all a part of the same divine energy manifested in this world.